Know Your Locks

We service, supply and install the following locks for the majority of the doors that we come across in the UK. Here is a little guide to what type of lock you may have. Can't see it? Not a problem, send a picture through to or 07738 271863 to get some advice or contact us via the contacts page.


Yale Type Lock:

The Yale Type lock is known as a nightlatch. You may be at risk if you only have this.

UPVC and Composite:

Generally have to lift the handles up with these to lock them.

Chubb Type Lock:

Normally installed at waist height, and referred to as Chubb locks are the Mortise Deadlocks

Chubb type Lock with Handles:

Chubb Type key again but are known as a Mortise Sashlock

Sliding Patio:

The typical sliding door normally has a lever handle to lift up once the door is unlocked

French Doors:

Two doors side by side, normally at the rear of the building, can be Wooden or UPVC

Names & Symbols:

Does your lock have this symbol? If not you may be at risk. Is there a name on your lock?

Surface mounted lock :

These are rim locks, surface mounted, normally with a long key. Your door needs a new lock if you only have this. .